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VIP V3.5 Snap & Wipe Nappy | Silent But Deadly

VIP V3.5 Snap & Wipe Nappy | Silent But Deadly

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Please note that this is a printed design and not a solid-colour product. 

Our famous V3.5 Nappies provide unparalleled ABSORPTION and VERSATILITY!  Whether you are looking for day, nap-time, night or even swim nappies, the V3.5 has you covered!

What makes the V3.5 so fabulous?


Each Heavy Night Nappy comes with 1x 5-layer hemp insert, 1x 5-layer bamboo insert and 1x 3-layer bamboo "Nap" insert. Read more about our nappy absorbency here.

  • Extra space for boosting overnight, without compromising on the fit, to ensure no leaks!
  • Ensure even the biggest poo-splosion will be fully contained!


The v3.5 includes a wipeable waterproof cover. Simply snap out the soiled insert, wipe down the shell* and snap in a clean insert and you've got yourself a new nappy!

  • Cut down on laundry and save money on buying more nappies!
  • You can purchase extra insert sets to get a few more nappy-changes out of your nappy
  • *If the shell is heavily soiled, we recommend washing before reusing.


  • Use the waterproof cover, without inserts, as a swim nappy!
  • For light wetters/day-use, simply snap the Hemp or Bamboo Insert into the nappy shell
  • For nap times, add in the Nap Insert by snapping it onto the Hemp/Bamboo Insert
  • For night time, snap in the Hemp Insert, and then snap the Bamboo Insert on top
  • For super heavy-wetters, snap in the Hemp Insert, then the Bamboo Insert and then the Nap Insert on top of that.
  • Choice of Snaps or Hook and Loop closure: Something for everyone!


  • Larger fit & Longer Wings: We have increased the wing length to give you even longer wear out of your nappies.  
    • Fits approx 4-18kg
  • PUL tummy and back flaps: Waterproof front and back flaps to keep the moisture from sitting against bub's stomach and back for extended periods of time. 
    • Please note that the back-flap elastic featured in previous editions has been removed to ensure lasting comfort during longer wear.
  • Thick back elastic: Designed to prioritise your little one's comfort, the back elastic is made thicker than what is generally available. 

Nappy Sets

  • Shell Only: $24.95
  • Heavy Wetter Nappy: $36.95 

A4 printed matte cards, featuring our handy fit guide and wash guide are available here 

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