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VIP V3.5 Snap & Wipe Nappy | Just Slayin'

VIP V3.5 Snap & Wipe Nappy | Just Slayin'

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Please note that this is a printed design and not a solid-colour product. 

Our famous V3.5 Nappies provide unparalleled ABSORPTION and VERSATILITY!  Whether you are looking for day, nap-time, night or even swim nappies, the V3.5 has you covered!

What makes the V3.5 so fabulous?


Each Heavy Night Nappy comes with 1x 5-layer hemp insert, 1x 5-layer bamboo insert and 1x 3-layer bamboo "Nap" insert. Read more about our nappy absorbency here.

  • Extra space for boosting overnight, without compromising on the fit, to ensure no leaks!
  • Ensure even the biggest poo-splosion will be fully contained!


The v3.5 includes a wipeable waterproof cover. Simply snap out the soiled insert, wipe down the shell* and snap in a clean insert and you've got yourself a new nappy!

  • Cut down on laundry and save money on buying more nappies!
  • You can purchase extra insert sets to get a few more nappy-changes out of your nappy
  • *If the shell is heavily soiled, we recommend washing before reusing.


  • Use the waterproof cover, without inserts, as a swim nappy!
  • For light wetters/day-use, simply snap the Hemp or Bamboo Insert into the nappy shell
  • For nap times, add in the Nap Insert by snapping it onto the Hemp/Bamboo Insert
  • For night time, snap in the Hemp Insert, and then snap the Bamboo Insert on top
  • For super heavy-wetters, snap in the Hemp Insert, then the Bamboo Insert and then the Nap Insert on top of that.
  • Choice of Snaps or Hook and Loop closure: Something for everyone!


  • Larger fit & Longer Wings: We have increased the wing length to give you even longer wear out of your nappies.  
    • Fits approx 4-18kg
  • PUL tummy and back flaps: Waterproof front and back flaps to keep the moisture from sitting against bub's stomach and back for extended periods of time. 
    • Please note that the back-flap elastic featured in previous editions has been removed to ensure lasting comfort during longer wear.
  • Thick back elastic: Designed to prioritise your little one's comfort, the back elastic is made thicker than what is generally available. 

Nappy Sets

  • Shell Only: $24.95
  • Heavy Wetter Nappy: $36.95 

A4 printed matte cards, featuring our handy fit guide and wash guide are available here 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      MIKAYLA Owen

      This is my favourite release yet! The longer wings give the best fit and the the new shell is super soft!

      Monique Searles

      VIP V3.5 Snap & Wipe Nappy | Just Slayin'

      Heidi Zhu
      Loving the updates in the latest V3.5

      Love the updates on the latest V3.5, the PUL is soft to touch. The extra length in the wings really helps, giving more room for stuffing. Not sure if it’s due to the extra length on the wings, but I can snap down on one rise snap, and there’s still room, vs fully unsnapped in the previous release of the V3.5. So for the bigger bubs, it’s a bonus, the new V3.5 will have more room to grow. And the non gusset insert sits so flush in the shell, without the bulky feeling. The new updates are amazing, and it’s great to see such company welcome all the feedbacks from customers and improve their products to make it better. And as always, the prints are amazing, with so much detail, you won’t regret it, if you make the choice to choose this print.

      Jessica Anderson

      VIP V3.5 Snap & Wipe Nappy | Just Slayin'

      Erin M
      Simply the best

      PUL is super soft and malleable around inserts and chubby thighs. Huge fan of the pattern! Highly recommend 3.5’s as the perfect night nappy!