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V3.5 Hemp & Bamboo Inserts
V3.5 Hemp & Bamboo Inserts
V3.5 Hemp & Bamboo Inserts

V3.5 Hemp & Bamboo Inserts

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Grab one of these thirsty bamboo inserts and boosters for that extra absorbency! Pair with our Snap & Wipe (v3.5) nappies. 

Note: Our 5-layer Inserts can be used interchangeably during the day, with or without a Nap Insert on top. 

1. 5-layer Gusseted / Non-Gusseted Hemp Insert

  • The inserts are made of 5- layers of hemp. Hemp is a natural fibre which is one of the most absorbent fabrics available in the market. 
  • It is so incredibly absorbent that it  can absorb up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch, reducing the amount of moisture sitting against your little one's bum. 
  • We have run out of our "February" Hemp inserts so the Insert Set will come with the "June" Hemp insert which is slightly less gussetted (less curly) than the February ones. 

2. 5-layer Non-Gusseted Bamboo Insert

  • For that extra bit of absorbency (eg. night-times and heavy-wetters), you can place this Bamboo Insert on the bottom of the Hemp Insert - this will provide you with 10 layers of super thirsty fibre to absorb all the moisture. 

3. 3-layer Non-Gusseted Bamboo "Nap" Insert

  • This snap-in insert is perfect for that little extra absorbency. They snap straight on top of our day-time insert making it unbelievably easy to use. 
  • The Nap Inserts can be snapped in half or folded in thirds to allow you to customise absorbency where you need it most, whether that's at the front or the middle. 
  • They are made from 3-layers of pure thirsty bamboo and will hold the extra moisture for those longer car-trips or nap-times. 

Bundle Options

  • 5 x 5-layer Gusseted Hemp Insert - $34.95
  • 5 x 5-layer Non-Gusseted Hemp Insert - $44.95
  • 5 x 5-layer Non-Gusseted Bamboo insert - $34.95
  • 5-layer Gusseted Hemp Insert - $8.95
  • 5-layer Non-Gusseted Hemp Insert - $10.95
  • 5-layer Non-Gusseted Bamboo Insert - $8.45
  • 3-layer Non-Gusseted Bamboo 'Nap' Insert - $4.95
  • Full Set (1 of each Insert) - $18.95 (RRP $22.35)
    • Perfect if you have our v3.5 nappy shells and need a few insert sets to get more nappy changes out of each shell 
  • 5-layer Gusseted Hemp & 5-layer Bamboo Insert Set - $15.00
    • Includes 1x 5-layer Gusseted Hemp and 1x 5-layer Bamboo Insert
    • Perfect for a day nappy for a moderate wetter or for nap-time

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 28 reviews
        Keegan Chatburn
        Thumbs up!

        Great hemp inserts, nice & big & thirsty, used as boosters in night nappies, came with good recommendations/reviews!

        julie Dier
        Love is all I can say! Hemp & bamboo 5layer inserts

        I have found the hemp inserts some of the best mcn inserts I have used over the past 4 years!
        The hemps hold heaps for during the day & the bamboo are the perfect addition for over night or to use by themselves with just a shell during the day! Both hold heaps for my heavy wetting 6 month old!
        I wish I had knower of this brand & products when miss now 4 was a baby!

        Eleanor Mitchell
        Great value

        Nap inserts have been great to add as a slim but thirsty booster for nappies

        Sarah Danks
        Most amazing and flexible nappies

        We typically use our v 3.5 as a night nappy, but we also have the flexibility to use during the day, simply by removing a layer! no leaks and easy to put on a wriggly bum!

        Erin H
        Amazing quality!

        I bought a few sets of the v3.5 heavy wetter inserts and they are such great quality. Customer service and shipping was excellent. I will be purchasing more in the future.