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Flopsy | Face & Dust Masks | Reusable & Washable

Flopsy | Face & Dust Masks | Reusable & Washable

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These face masks are the thing to stop you (and your kids!) from touching your faces, especially as the social distancing rules relax and we start to venture out of our homes. 

Please note that these are not surgical masks and have no filters in them. They may help prevent dust and droplets from spreading if you cough and sneeze, but are not medical grade masks. 

We do have surgical and KN95 disposable masks also available for sale, which can be used together with these prettier masks to minimise the germs carried by and to your loved ones. 

What these masks are made of: 

  • 1 layer of wool felt filter sandwiched between 2 layers of woven material to prevent particles making their way through.
  • The elastic is left in a loose knot so you can adjust for your size.
    • The two ends will be tied together for you, but you can untie them and adjust it to your face

Available in Adults and Kids sizes - Small & Large (recommended 2+), perfect for using when out and about or when cleaning.