Reviews - Accessories

Here's what people are saying about our accessories!

Change Mats

  • I love this change mat so much I've bought three more for friends! It's a GREAT size for nappy-free time and the prints are gorgeous :) - Manisa M.
  • I love the size of this mat, it's perfect for my son to roll around on for his pre bath nappy off time, or to pop him on down in the backyard when I'm hanging clothes on the line. The print is beautiful and cheery too. It was also a lovely surprise to come home on a Sunday and find it in my mail box- what service! - Kathleen C.
  • Beautiful quality and fabric - Alison M.
  • This is a large and effective change mat, and I especially like the pretty design along with being a useful product - Jess S.
  • Gorgeous print and does exactly what it's needed for - Sian K. 
  • I love our big one from you. It’s my go to one because of the size. I’ve even used it as a blanket in the pram when we had a random chilly day and I didn’t have a blanket because it’s not really cold yet. it was great as it stopped the wind and the PUL kept her legs dry from light drizzle! - Jennifer F.

Wet Bags

  • Soft to touch doesn’t feel plasticy extremely roomy, I purchased 2 and will be back for more as I’ve 4 school children who love nothing more than sliding along the soccer oval at lunch time! This bag will fit an entire human sized school uniform with ease - Chloe T. 
  • I love how stylish the bag is and that it holds 2 towels and my daughters swimming stuff as well. I love that we are now not throwing away a plastic bag every swimming lesson. - Holly P. 
  • Absolutely 100% satisfied with the product & service from Alcmena, & will definitely be back again to buy - Fiona T.
  • I bought two waterproof bags and it was more than enough to hold my wet gear for swimming. Loving the cute fresh designs! - Thanh N.
  • Bought two wetbags. Love both prints and the two pockets on the wetbags. Good value and cost of shipping was very reasonable. Very happy with my purchase. - Kerry O.
  • I recently purchased the Gumtree wetbag and I love. It does a wonderful job holding the wet nappies and the sticky ones too. The bag holds the moisture well with out wetting other dry nappies in the nappy bag. You won't be disappointed using this bag. - Liz M.
  • Really love the print and the bag functions perfectly. - Sian K.
  • Absolutely love this. Such a gorgeous product - Renee B. 

Neoprene Totes

  • Love the product and service was amazing! Will definitely purchase again :) - Anna D. 
  • The bag is gorgeous with all the right compartments and space for 2 babies in cloth! - Kalinka R.  

Neoprene Bag Organiser

  • Amazing fast service and bag organiser was great quality - Kerby D.