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Care & Fit Instructions


General USE Instructions

Before using your inserts, soak them in water for 3-4 hours to increase absorbency

  • It will take around 8 to 10 washes to gain max. absorbency
  1. Shake solids into the toilet + rinse out excess + dry pail (any bucket with holes)
  2. Pre-wash within 1-2 days (see below)
  3. Main wash within 2-3 days (see below)
  4. Dry and reuse!

WASH Instructions

  1. PRE-WASH: Choose a short cycle (30-45 mins) that agitates, rinses and spins with ½ - 1 scoop* of detergent at 40-60OC
    • Pre-wash daily if main wash is more than every 3 days
    • Use the highest spin speed to remove as much dirty water as possible. If concerned about damage to shells, remove shells after a lower spin speed cycle and then re spin inserts on a higher speed
  2. MAIN WASH: Choose a normal – long cycle (2-3.5 hrs) with 1-2 scoops* of detergent at 40-60OC
    • Do a main wash once you have enough to load the machine between 2/3 – 3/4 full when wet.
    • You can add small light-coloured items to your load to bulk up your main wash.

*The number of scoops will be determined by the detergent used

  1. DRY: Line or Tumble dry
    • Line dry - drape the nappy shell horizontally over the line, so that gravity does not strain the elastics.
      1. Avoid putting shells in direct sunlight as it can cause the PUL to delaminate.
  1. DRY: Line or Tumble dry
    • Tumble dry (helpful in winter) - Inserts (medium heat, long or 2 cycles), Shells (low heat, short cycle)
      1. Too high heat will cause the shells to delaminate
      2. You can also line dry and then finish off the nappies in the dryer.
    • If inserts become stiff from line-drying, finish them off in the dryer to soften them up.

If you would like to print-off a quick summary of your wash routine (e.g. to hang in your laundry), you can find one here


  • Fabric softeners can be used, but infrequently (e.g. 1 in every 3rd wash) as they can reduce absorption of the inserts.
  • If using nappy balms containing zinc/petroleum, place a reusable or disposable liner on top of the insert
    • It is ok to use nappy balms as long as you have: (1) adequate agitation (sufficient loading in the machine), (2) non-eco detergent and (3) warm-hot water – this will help wash out your rash creams.
    • Test your wash routine on a microfleece liner first if unsure.

Information source


  1. Place cloth nappy on a flat surface
  2. Align the top of nappy-back with top of baby’s bum crack (it will sit lower than disposables)
  3. Pull the front of the nappy up between the legs and squeeze it into a 'taco' shape so that each gusset sits right in the leg crease
  4. When doing up each side, pull the wing 'up' towards bub's armpit and then go 'around' the leg, so there is no gap between thigh and nappy.
  5. Hold the wing down against the waist and use the other hand to do up the snaps / Velcro
  6. Run a finger around the gusset to make sure it is sitting nice and snug in the leg crease
  7. Repeat for the other side
  8. Sit back and admire your little cloth bum!