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MCN Care Instructions

Caring for your Modern Cloth Nappies

Use Instructions:

  1. FIRST TIME: Before using your nappies/inserts/boosters for the first time, we recommend soaking them in water overnight and then washing them around 3 times (normal-length cycle) to make them more absorbent. Keep in mind, it will take 8-10 washes to gain maximum absorbency. 
  2. Shake solids into the toilet and if you want to, rinse off any excess (cold water)
  3. Place soiled nappy and insert into a dry bucket until next wash 

Wash Instructions:

  1. SHORT Pre-Rinse Cycle (Cold or Warm) to remove any solids or excess urine prior to main wash (no detergent)
  2. NORMAL length cycle with (30 - 40 degrees), with the rest of your other laundry. Use detergent. Recommended Long or Heavy cycles. 
  3. Line dry - drape the nappy shell horizontally over the line, so that gravity does not strain the elastics OR Tumble dry - inserts (medium heat) and shells (low heat)


  • Don't use fabric softeners (or detergent containing it) as this can reduce the absorbency of the fibre
  • Don't use nappy balms or creams containing zinc or petroleum as this may stick to the insert and reduce absorption (if you need to, place a disposable liner on top of the insert)
  • Don't expose the nappy shell (the waterproof part) to heat over 60 degrees


  • Dry in sunlight if possible to reduce bacteria and stains (also it's cheaper!)
  • If bamboo insert becomes stiff, opt for tumble dry and the insert should soften
  • Wash your dirty nappies every 1-2 days if possible, to discourage growth of bacteria.