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Fitting Your Nappies

For a printable version of the above Fit Guide click HERE 

A4 printed matte cards, featuring our handy fit guide and wash guide are available here 


FITTING YOUR NAPPIES - Tips & tricks for a great nappy fit every time!

  1. Start with the nappy higher up baby's back, squeeze the edges of the nappy into a 'taco' as you bring the front of the nappy up between baby's legs, tucking it into the undie line.

  2. Keeping the front of the nappy snug in the underwear line, pull the front tab across the hip towards baby's back, keeping the tab above the thigh.

  3. Hold tab in place as you bring the wing across the front of the nappy and secure the single hip snap and front snaps.

  4. Repeat this process on the opposite side, ensuring a two-finger gap at the tummy panel. You may need to go back and re-adjust the other side to ensure a comfortable fit.

  5. Tuck the sides of the nappy up under the front panel to prevent leaks around the gusset line. With the V3.5 Nappy, a snug seal on the outer gusset isn't necessary.

  6. Push excess fabric at the rise snaps up towards baby's belly button. You can re-adjust the rise snaps if there is too much loose fabric here.

  7. ALL DONE!  If you find you're still struggling with your fit, please reach out on our VIP page or email us at hello@alcmena.com.au