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Greatest Hits (June 2020) Release - TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE

Here, you will find all the answers to your question about the June 2020 'Greatest Hits' Release. This is a summary of all the announcements that have been made over the last few weeks in the Alcmena VIP Group, and we will continue to update it as questions get asked and answered.

What's the deal with the vouchers? 

By buying a June Release voucher, you will be allowed Early Access to the release (i.e. will be able to place an order between 8pm - 8.15pm 3 June 2020 (Sydney time), release night). General release will be at 8.30pm. 

You will not be allowed to place an order without using a voucher. The website will still be open as our customers may want to purchase other items such as bags or bottles, but if you place an order for any June Release products, your entire order will be refunded less a 10% restocking fee. 

Any order placed between 8pm - 8.15pm cannot exceed your voucher limit by more than $25 (this includes any shipping that you need to pay for). Postage is free for orders over $120. Any orders that breach the rules will be refunded in full less a 10% restocking fee. 

Can I use Afterpay / Zippay / Humm? 

You cannot use Afterpay, Zippay or Humm for any June Release products for the first 24 hours after release opens. You may use it for orders placed after 8pm, 4 June 2020. 

We have not removed the Buy Now, Pay Later options from our website as other customers who are purchasing non-release items (e.g. a nappy backpack or picnic mat) may wish to use these payment methods. 

If you do, we will refund your entire order less a 10% restocking fee. 

What are the purchasing limits and rules for the June release? 


  • You can only purchase 1 type of nappy in any particular print (i.e. you can buy 1x v1.5 and 1x v3.5 nappy in one particular print);
  • Max 8x v3.5 nappies per household;
  • Max 6x v1.5 nappies per household;
  • On release night, only full nappies will be available - Heavy Night Nappies (v3.5) and Night Nappies (v1.5);
  • 24 hours after release, shells will be available ONLY to those who have a replacement code (and need to order a nappy to replace a faulty/delaminated one); and
  • 48 hours after release, the full offering (shells, day and moderate nappies) will be made available for all to purchase.

If you intend to order a replacement shell (on the second day) or a Day/Moderate nappy (on the third day), please write "Hold for Shell / Day / Moderate nappy order" so that we don't get it ready to send out the day after release night. 

Accessories (Wet Bags + Change Mats):

  • You can only buy 1 type of accessory in any one print (but you can buy 1x Mini, 1x Regular Wet Bag, 1x Change Mat in the same print)
  • You can only buy a maximum of 2 of each type of accessories (so you will only be able to purchase a maximum of 6 accessories - 2x Minis, 2x Reg Wet Bags, 2x Change Mats)


  • You will not be able to use Afterpay/Zippay/Humm or any other Buy Now, Pay Later ("BNPL") method we usually have available for 24 hours after release opens
  • This is because most of our oversells happen when customers use one of these payment methods. As we anticipate traffic to be the highest on release night, not having this option will reduce the number of oversells. 
  • BNPL companies also charge us the highest transaction fees but these fees are not refunded when we refund you. Therefore, in the event of an oversell, we will lose out considerably when we have to refund you in full, but don't receive our own refund on fees. 

How long are the purchase limits in place? 

  • 1 week. 7 days after release night, you may go to the website and purchase beyond these limits

If I place multiple orders, can I combine them for (free) shipping? 

  • We will combine up to three orders per household. Every three orders will incur an additional admin / postage fee, regardless of whether they are sent together
  • If you foresee placing multiple orders, please make sure you put them under the same name and email address so that we can automatically find your other orders in the system. If you don't, we may forget to send your orders together and there will be an extra postage fee incurred. 
  • If you intend to order a replacement shell or a Day/Moderate nappy, please write "Hold for Shell / Day / Moderate nappy order" so that we don't get it ready to send out the day after release night. 

Why are there purchasing limits in the June release? 

Due to the unprecedented demand that Alcmena has experienced in recent times, we have implemented these limits as a way to share the limited items with as many families as possible. 

We place our orders with our manufacturers 6-8 months in advance, and when we did so for this release, we could not foresee the demand that would arise from a number of factors, including COVID19. 

What happens if my nappy / accessory is an oversell? 

If you purchased a voucher, and placed an order between 8-8.15pm on release night, we will email you to ask you what alternative print you would like your oversold item to come in. 

If you purchased during General Access, we will not have the guaranteed stock to offer you an alternative. Therefore, we will refund you for that item in full (less postage if required), and proceed with the rest of your order. 

If your whole order is oversold except for one item, we will reach out to confirm that you would like to proceed with the order. 

If you WOULD NOT like us to fulfill the order if even one item is oversold, please make this clear in the 'Notes' section at check-out, otherwise we will proceed with the order minus the oversold items. 

What happens if I order a bundle of nappies and one or more of the nappies are oversold? 

As above, we will proceed with the order after refunding you for the nappies that have been oversold. 

If you have applied a discount code, we will refund you the pro-rata discounted amount. 

If you have used a once-off discount on items that have oversold, we will send you a new discount code to use on the number of items oversold (e.g. If you purchased 6 nappies and applied a 20% off Trial Code, but 2 nappies were oversold which we refunded, we will also send you a new discount code for 20% off 2 nappies). 

I have a delaminated nappy and I have a replacement code - what do I do? 

24 hours after release night, you will go on the website and select the nappy shell you want and enter the replacement code you were given. If you need to replace multiple shells, you will need to place multiple orders as the replacement code only applies to one shell per transaction. 

Important: In the "Notes" section of your Replacement Order, please tell us which nappy you are replacing (e.g. v3 Cotton Bloom) and what order number it came from (eg. #5400). 

I have a delaminated nappy and you have said you have set it aside already - do I need to anything? 

No. If we have said we will set it aside, we have noted it down and done so. However, it won't hurt to let us know in your 'Notes' section at check-out that you are expecting to receive "X" replacement nappy. 

Can I use the voucher with a discount / bundle code? 

Yes. You can stack vouchers (if you have purchased more than one voucher) and you can combine vouchers with a discount code. 

However, you cannot use more than one discount code per transaction. 

If you intend to apply a bundle code (e.g. for a bundle of nappies), you will need to purchase and process the bundle in one transaction, as we are not able to apply and refund you the discount over multiple orders. 

    If I miss out, will I get a refund on my voucher? 


    We will ONLY refund the whole or part of your June early-access voucher IF one or more items in your cart is oversold and you do not want an alternative print. Remember that the vouchers do not guarantee you prints or style of nappies, only that there will be enough nappies for you to purchase up to your voucher limit.

    We will not refund because you forgot to hop online at release time. The vouchers, if unused will give you early access to future releases this year AND is valid to be used on anything on the website for 12 months (but can only be used after the June release).