Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I combine different prints when I buy a cloth nappy bundle? 

Absolutely! Just let us know in the "Add Note To Your Order" (during check-out) which prints you'd like and we'll pack accordingly. 


What is the Rewards Program? 

Collect 1 point for every dollar that you spend. What's more, when you sign up to an account, you get 10 points free! 

  • When you reach 200 points, we'll send you a $10 voucher
  • When you reach 400 points, we'll send you a $25 voucher 

Shop easy, knowing that you'll be rewarded for each dollar that you spend! 


Why choose modern cloth nappies?

From birth, a child will go through approx. 5,500 nappies, most of which go directly to increase landfill.

Alcmena offers a budget-friendly environmental alternative to traditional nappies with Modern Cloth (reusable) or Biodegradable (disposable) Nappies. 


Why have we chosen to donate profits to fight slavery? 

We started Alcmena to be a social enterprise with a focus on the environment and to create a lasting impact on society. To that effect, we have chosen to donate profits to the International Justice Mission (IJM), a global organisation that seeks to rescue millions of the world's poorest people (especially women and children) from slavery. 

Annually, slavery generates more than $190 billion, which is more profit than Apple, Exxon, Chevron, Microsoft, Google and Facebook combined. 

It is something that affects people worldwide, and IJM also has a strong presence in Australia. As such, we have decided to shift our focus and support to this incredible organisation.