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2019 Releases - Batch Issues

Hi Alcmenies,

As some of you know, our last few releases have been a little touch-and-go as we started work with a new manufacturer and as a result, experienced some (or a lot) of teething issues. 

I thought it would be helpful to summarise here the batch issues that have recently been made known to us, along with our proposed solution for working through it.

1. Some prints are prone to delaminating

Following recent reports and feedback, we have concluded that the following prints may be more prone to delaminating: 

- Age of Pootron 

- Dinomite

- Geometric

- Jungle Fern

- Native Bloom

This isn't an exhaustive list but these are the ones most commonly coming to light. This is also the worst because we can't offer a quick fix for you, and we are devastated especially with regards to the limited edition prints that some of you love and cherish! We have let our manufacturer know and they have since switched PUL suppliers so hopefully this won't be an issue again! 

Solution: If this has happened to you, please let us know and we will work with you to rectify the situation! We can replace your shell with any print from the December release, or if that doesn't work, we will refund you with our sincerest apologies. 


2. Elastics in September release not as tight

We have noticed that the elastics on our most recent batch of nappies has not been as tight as before. This won't be a problem if bub has lovely rolls, but if not, you may have found it harder to get a good fit. 

Solution: If this is you, please reach out and we will repair your nappy elastics to make them shorter / tighten them so that you can still use them. Our manufacturer is aware of this and we will see a return to the shorter elastics in the next release. 



For those of you happy to continue using these items, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding and kindness and we look forward to sending you newer and better products with each release.

Xx Kang and Eunica