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Newborn Cloth Nappies - Why They’re Worth It


are newborn cloth nappies worth it


Congratulations on choosing to use cloth nappies for your new arrival!

If you're reading this post, you are most likely trying to decide whether you start your precious new babe off in Newborn Nappies or go straight into One Size Fits Most (OSFM).

There's no right or wrong choice here, and there are many deciding factors that will help you make the right choice for your family.

Let's walk through the most common reasons parents choose newborn cloth nappies;

Smaller baby - If your baby is prem or born on the smaller side. Newborn cloth nappies will fit your bub from approximately 2kgs, so they are the perfect choice for those expecting a smaller babe and wanting to cloth from birth.  As our Newborns will continue to fit up to approximately 7kgs, you are likely to get many months of use from your nappies! When your little one is ready to move into OSFM, just pop them away for your next child, repurpose your newborn nappies as the cutest dolls nappy, or you can resell them! As Newborn Nappies are used for a relatively short period of time, the resale value is really great!

ruby changing dolls cloth nappy

Routine - Not only are newborn cloth bums ridiculously cute, using cloth from birth helps you get into a routine right from the beginning. Establishing a wash routine early on, gives you the opportunity to get into the swing of things while bub is still sleeping most of the day!  You will find the habit of a daily pre wash will become second nature in no time at all. 

Skin health -  A newborn's skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin and absorbs chemicals more easily.  Some of the larger, more well-known brands of disposable nappies, contain many known toxins which have been proven as harmful to the developing endocrine system of infants.  Using cloth on your newborn, you can control exactly what is coming into contact with your bubs delicate skin.

newborn cloth nappy longevity comparison

Environmental Impact - On average, a newborn will go through 8-12 nappies per day and each of these nappies take 200-500 years to decompose (meaning the first disposable ever used is still sitting in landfill!)  By choosing to use cloth nappies from birth, you are making a significant impact on landfill reduction and the wellbeing of our planet!  

Your sustainable efforts will not only be recognised by family and friends, but by the very people for whom we seek to preserve our precious planet.  Our babies learn through observation, and as they grow, they seek to mimic our behaviour. Provide them with some Newborn Nappies for play, and see their delight as they change their doll's nappy, just as you change theirs.  How wonderful for our children to learn eco-friendly options from such a young age!

A stash of Newborn Nappies is usually around 24-28 nappies and with our wipeable shell, if the shell is not soiled or soaked with urine, you can wipe it clean and add a fresh insert! You can also purchase extra newborn insert sets (1 x hemp, 1 x bamboo) for just $14.95 to get even more value out of each shell!

A common question is "How do I avoid people gifting me piles of disposable nappies without seeming rude or ungrateful?".  If you're planning a baby shower to celebrate your precious bundle, why not include one of our Newborn Gift Packs in your registry?  We have a range of bundles to suit all budgets, and it gently conveys to your friends and family your intention to use cloth.

Tips for using cloth nappies on your newborn.

Change Them Often - we recommend changing your baby every 1-2 hours or sooner if they have soiled their nappy.  Most newborns will poo every nappy change for the first few weeks (or longer) and changing them frequently will help prevent leaks and rashes on their delicate skin.

Bulk Your Load - as Newborn Nappies are smaller than OSFM, you will need around 20 nappies to make up a full load for main wash.  To bulk your loads, you can use baby clothes, hand towels, terry squares and cloth wipes.  A great wash routine will ensure your nappies stay clean, free from stains and smells, and extend the lifespan of your beautiful nappies.  Download our printable wash routine and pop it up in your laundry to make caring for your nappies a breeze.

Invest in Cloth Wipes - not only are these great for bulking your load, cloth wipes also make a perfect booster for your newborn nappies! If your babe is out-wetting a single insert, but not quite ready for two; place a folded wipe in your babies 'wet zone' (front for boys, middle for girls) to boost the absorbency of your nappy.  Our sister store Monarch, has a range of luxurious bamboo wipes which are perfect as a soft, absorbent nappy booster, and a range of uses for baby and around the home.


Here is what mums in our community had to say about their Alcmena Newborn Nappies:

Newborn Cloth Nappies were one of those things I bought because they’re super cute, without really thinking we would use them all that much or that they’d be worth the investment BUT I am very happy to say I was SO WRONG in that thinking.

We started using the Alcmena Newborn Nappies on our son, Ollie, from 2 days old when he weighed in at 2.9kg, from the get-go the fit was perfect, they were super convenient and held those newborn explosions far better than disposables ever could! We tried a few times in those early weeks to get OSFM nappies on the bum, but we just couldn’t get them to fit properly and newborns became an absolute cloth-nappy-lifesaver!!

We kept our newborn stash relatively small with only 20 shells, but having the extra inserts and wipeable shell meant that was plenty for us on a 2 day wash routine, aside from the times when my 2 year old daughter would steal the shells for her dolls, a few extra would’ve been handy for that 😂
Ollie is now 3.5 months old and weighing in over 6kg, yet our Alcmena newborn nappies are still the first pick for him because they are just so easy, reliable and still fit SO well.

I am now a huge advocate for investing in Newborn Nappies if you’re a parent wanting to cloth your baby from birth! Getting the fit right is one of the trickiest parts of using cloth so using something that’s easy and quick is certain to make that transition easier and is going to make it easier to stick to cloth in the long run!
We love our Alcmena cloth nappies! - Sharlet Scammell 


We have a long legged, skinny baby and when we first started using the newborn cloth nappies we excitedly bought while pregnant, we were terrified because even the disposable nappies we used in hospital didn't look like they achieved a great seal around her legs! We were also a little overwhelmed and terrified with the wash routine, how many inserts we would need and which pop buttons to go into to get the right fit... 

These nappies were sooo easy to use, within the first few wears we were able to get a good fit! We are still only using one insert at a time, so get double the use out of the nappies. The Velcro straps make getting the right fit sooo easy! And the wash routine is still getting there but has had no issues so far!

Also the prints are super cute and make our girls bum look adorable 😍 - Anastasia Voroniansky


Newborn nappies a must! I was skeptical about using new born nappies as figure they grow so quickly. I justified myself, as buying disposables for 3 months would cost $350-400, instead I could buy new born nappies!! The fit is perfect rather than being a bit bulky like the 1.5 or 3.5, these fit PERFECTLY. it’s so nice to have a nappy you can go to that has such a great fit. And the re-sale value is excellent. Win win right? - Kaylee Towers


I love that the Alcmena newborn nappies can be used from 2kg, they are super easy to fit with the Velcro closure & are absorbent enough that you only need one insert for day use. They have been so great for my little twinnies & I’m so glad I invested in them! - Corrine Warren




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