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10 Creative Uses For Your Wipeable Mat

baby playing peekaboo under change mat

Loved by families around the world, our original Wipeable Mat is not your average change mat! Perfect for anywhere you need a clean, dry surface for baby and so much more. Our dual-layered PUL fabric and padded core, makes for a dreamy change spot for your babe and the exclusive hand drawn prints make tummy time lots of fun! 

With the help of our wonderful VIP community, we've compiled a list of 10 creative uses for your Alcmena Wipeable Mat, that extend beyond nappy changes - We would love to hear how your Wipeable Mats get used around the home or out and about! 

1. Mini Paddling Pool - For a mini splash pool at the beach, simply scoop a shallow hole in the sand, lay your change mat down and fill with a small amount of water.  Remember water safety guidelines and always keep a hand on baby around water.

2. Picnic Mat - Snacks on-the-go are a breeze, with water resistant PUL keeps your bottom dry, even when the ground is wet!

3. Nappy Free Time - Give your newborn nappy free time without the worry of needing to clean the floors when baby has finished playing.  Our mats are padded for comfort and machine washable.

4. Mattress Protector -   Secure under the bed sheets to help keep your mattresses clean and dry. Perfect for toilet training, illness, breastmilk puddles and more!

5. Stroller Blanket - Store a mat in the bottom of your stroller for times when unexpected rain and sudden cool changes hit.

6. Open-Ended Play - A roof for a cubby, a blanket for their doll, even a super hero cape. Kids of all ages love playing pretend!

7. Messy Mat - Place your baby or toddler’s discovery tray on the mat to keep spills and messes contained.

8. Couch Protection - Ideal for snack time and toilet training toddlers. 

9. Sensory Tool - The silky soft PUL fabric is beautiful to touch and can be used as a calming sensory tool and tactile exploration activities for babies and older children alike.

10. Photography Backdrop - Perfect for milestone photos, flat-lay back drops and more!

...and a bonus one!  Trolley Liners - comfort and cleanliness in a snap! Simply fold your mat down over the seat and clip baby in safely, for a cushy ride through the grocery store.  The mats are large enough that you can keep handle areas covered too! 


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